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I Design, Code, Update and Maintain High Quality, Responsive Websites.

About Me.

My name is Reese Woodginski. I am from New Jersey, and I now live in Idaho. I enjoy all aspects of working with computers. I’m also quiet, confident, reliable and skilled in what I do – which is build websites.

Web Design

I create long-lasting, simple yet effective designs custom tailored to suit your needs. Whether you are trying to rank number one on Google, or are trying to beat last years' sales record, I've got you covered.

Professional Development

My sites are custom designed from scratch. Meaning that you will not only receive a completely unique end-product, you will also get a site designed from start to finish to meet and exceed your expectations.

Client Acquisition

I am also well-experienced in getting products and companies online. Looking to get on Instagram or Twitter but don't know where to start? Maybe you're even just looking to get your business on Google Maps. I can help.

My Past Work

Resort Chairs

Wholesale furniture site with integrated Woocommerce.
Beachtime Products

E-Commerce/Showcase Site for small specialty shop.
Jean's Canvas Products

Showcase Site for a custom canvas business.

What My Toolbox Looks Like

"I now get much more traffic than I was before, and my site is quite a bit faster. Thanks Reese!"
Peter Millnes
Freelance Artist
"Reese was a real pleasure to work with. The service rendered was discreet, fast and professional."
Brock Larsen
Manager of Larsen Properties

Languages I Speak

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Common Topics

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Campaigns

My Sites are Not Products, Rather an Investment. It's 2020 and Every Business Needs a Strong Presence on the Web.